9 Step Snow Removal Process

At Everest, we are committed to providing our clients with timely and well rounded, snow removal service. Available services includes snow plowing, sidewalk shoveling, snow removal, de-icing, snow excavation and snow relocation. Our process takes a Safety First Approach, as well as placing focus on effective communication with our clients. To perform each step in the process, we utilize the most appropriate cutting edge equipment, practices, and products.

The service process chart below shows our approach to providing you with the same complete worry-free service whether we are plowing snow, shoveling sidewalks, removing snow, de-icing, or any combination you choose.

Thoroughly understanding your requirements
We would like to take on all of your winter worries. We have a goal of methodically addressing every one of your past problems and then developing a customized service approach.

Developing Strategies tailored to your requirements
We take your instructions and we draw a detailed map of the property pavement area (with marked spots for snow piling and other trouble spots).We identify and implement the best snow removal strategy while also assigning the right equipment to the site.

You are always informed
We email you customized weather warnings which we receive from certified meteorologists.

Timeliness is your #1 requirement
Our equipment, manpower and facilities are strategically positioned to deliver prompt service.

We monitor the service and send you updates
Throughout the course of the snow event, our central office maintains contact with our crews and we email you with updates.

Your top concern is quality & attention to detail
Regional managers perform quality check of your property devoting special attention to your specific requirements all the while adhering to our high standards of service.

You are always informed
You are promptly informed about the services we have performed for you.

Your invoicing must be correct
You will receive your invoices within 48 hours after the snow event. There is less margin for error, and this offers you more control over your snow maintenance expenditure.

We transform every experience for a better one for you
Our goal is to evaluate every single snow event and implement operational improvements to deliver a better service every time.

The Process