De-Icing Materials Used

At Everest Snow Management we use a wide variety of de-icing materials to provide the most effective methods in order to keep your properties safe. The most common product used on parking lots and sidewalks is sodium chloride. Better known as rock salt, its popularity is due to not only being a great de-icing agent, but also cost effective as well. The most recommended products, however, are geared towards being environmentally and pet friendly. As a company, we are open to these safer types of materials and recognize that in using them, we will have a less negative impact on the environment, reducing the risk of damaging your landscape, corrosive pavement refreezing, while maximizing traction at the same time.

Keep your property safe and clear of ice

No matter what de-icing product that you choose, you can trust that Everest Snow Management is ready for any type of icing conditions. All of our trucks are equipped with state of the art salt spreading equipment to ensure your parking lots and sidewalks get the most expedient and proper coverage. De-Icing services are necessary to having a complete snow removal program in place. In doing so, it will dramatically reduce your liability from slip and fall accidents. Let Everest Snow Management keep your property safe during the winter season.