Capable of Handling All of Your Locations

Dedicated Fleet For Your Snow Removal Needs

With over 600 dedicated seasonal employees and over 20 years of professional experience, Everest Snow Management has the quantity and quality of staff and equipment to handle the toughest winter storms. 

Three Tier Routing System®

Our three tiered routing system guarantees you a peace of mind throughout the winter season. The first crew is dedicated solely to your site and is given a permanent route for the year. The second crew, our Special Forces Team, is designated to specific regions and will be driving around throughout the event to fill in for traffic delays or equipment breakdowns as they arise. The third is our back up team- ready and waiting to be called in for assistance at the drop of a hat. So no matter how big the storm, Everest Snow Management will work to see that your properties have been cleared and salted in a timely manner. 

Meteorologist On The Team

With a dedicated meteorologist and an external crew of spotters we are able to track and monitor the weather conditions over an entire metropolitan region. This allows us to take precautionary prepared measures to be proactive for all of our clients no matter their location; we will never be caught off guard. 

Site Inspections

Our team of supervisors property management San Diego will also be responsible for inspecting the quality of work throughout the event to ensure 100% client satisfaction. They are also able to see real-time data of driver gps positions from their mobile device and are able to proactively call in the Special Force Team and Back-up Team as necessary. 

Dedicated Account Representative

Last but not least our professional in-house staff has been highly trained and are dedicated to assisting our clients. They are available 24-hours a day, throughout each storm, to assist you, answering any and all questions that you may have.